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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Feb. 1: A place to start

It's Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006. This morning, the scale told me that I weighed 165.8. Okay, that's fine. I can deal with that because it's a place to start. Well, it's another place to start. My other starting point in this round was 172.4 a few weeks ago.

So far this morning (it's 8:25) I've sipped on a cup of coffee made with Splenda and about 45 calories worth of vanilla latte creamer.

I'm sorta, half-a$$ doing Jenny Craig right now. It's the program/plan that I had so much luck on a couple of years ago. I say "sorta" because the thought of eating nothing but their food simply bores me. They have a couple of great meals, and a few that I can tolerate. But others just leave me staring into the freezer/fridge/pantry, hoping something yummy will jump out at me. So I'm supplementing their food with other healthy choices right now. All will be listed as the days and weeks go by heading for 145!!!

Cole and I have walked the last three days in a row. Three miles Sunday at the Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail, two miles (one with Cole) Monday evening, and a mile yesterday evening. And of course, that doesn't count the walks with the dogs. I'm sure that burns a few calories, but stopping at every other blade of grass to sniff who was there last, isn't really vigorous exercise...

Breakfast: 400 calories
Jenny Craig blueberry muffin: 200 calories
A cup of 2 percent milk: 120
Banana: 80ish
That JC blueberry muffin may be my most favorite thing on their menu... yummy!!!

Late-morning snack: 85 calories
Two saltines crackers
Two "cracker cut" slices of cheese

Lunch: 250 calories
South Beach Diet
Southwestern chicken wraps
Diet Dr. Pepper

Afternoon snack: 110 calories
Small pink lady apple: 80 calories
Four bites/pieces of Vanilla Creme Frosted Mini Wheats: 30 calories
Don't laugh. I wanted something crunchy.

Dinner: 430 calories
Lean Cuisine French bread pepperoni pizza
Twix ice cream bar: only 90 calories, yummy!!! =)
Diet Dr. Pepper

Okay, so that's 1320 for the day. Not bad. I'd love to stick around 1200, but I'm not gonna beat myself up for anything up to 1400.


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