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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Feb. 2: To weigh or not to weigh...

Well, I climbed onto the scale again this morning, pleased with the 164.6 that I saw, but I'm *really* going to try not to weigh every single day. It drives me crazy to weigh every day. You know weight changes from hour to hour, much less day to day. But it might drive me even crazier to not step up there each day. I like seeing the progress, even if it's just half a pound. Maybe once I get this journaling process down in a couple of days, I'll quit weighing quite so often...

It's been so nice to see my calories in black and white the last couple of days as I journal. I'm not allowing myself to sneak something through the hatch that doesn't get approval on paper first... HA!!! It helps!!!

Breakfast: 345 calories
Coffee (splenda and a little creamer): 45 calories
Egg McMuffin: 300 calories

Okay, this is the first time I've eaten anything from McDonald's since seeing Super-Size Me a year or so ago. That'll change a girl's mind about fast food really fast!!! I went to the dentist this morning and that was the closest place to grab breakfast on the way home. I was starving by the time I left Dr. Rayne's office. And as good as that Egg McMuffin sounded in my mind, it wasn't anything I'll have to have again anytime soon.

Lunch: 440 calories
Chicken fettuccini: 260 calories
Crackers: 60 calories
Cheese: 120 calories
Diet Coke

Afternoon snack: 80 calories
Banana: 80ish calories

Dinner: 450 calories
One slice o' pizza: 350 calories
Salad: 100ish calories

1315 for the day.


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