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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Feb. 4: My first Saturday

Well, it's my first weekend of keeping my food journal, and I'm a little nervous. Weekends for us are spent running around, so there tends to be lots of "let's just grab something while we're out." I'm going to try to be good.

This morning we headed out for Cole to get a haircut, so I was sure to eat something before we left. I'm sure lunch will be "out."

Oh, by the way, 163.4 this morning. Yay!!!

Breakfast: 295 calories
Coffee/splenda/creamer: 45
Quaker breakfast cookie: 170
Banana: 80
The breakfast cookies are fairly new. They're not even showing up on their web site. We've tried the apple and cinnamon, that's it so far. They're pretty good!!!

Lunch: 650 calories
small burger: 330
small fries: 320 (I didn't eat them all.)
Darn Culvers. We love that place, and we hadn't eaten there in ages. It's Cole's fault, yeah, he suggested it!!!

Afternoon snack: 75 calories
Beef jerky and *a* bite of tortilla.

Dinner: 195 calories
Malt-o-meal: 150 (yummy!!!)
coffee/splenda/creamer: 45

Evening snack: 51 calories
Two Hershey's kisses: 51

1266 total for the day. Okay, so I'm pleased with that number, but not really with the quality of calories that came with that number. Thank goodness for the banana today!!!

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. I'm gonna try to be good, but Cole has requested a velveeta/rotel/sausage dip for the day that is bound to be a little high in calories. Tomorrow, I'll be thankful for the tomatoes in the rotel... HA!!!


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