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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Thunder and Rain

Well, he's home. We're home. Exhausted, drained, safe and home. We're running on four hours of sleep right now...

Cole provided an excellent recap of the trip back from Nashville. It really went more smoothly than I expected. It rained on and off the whole trip, basically from one end of Arkansas to the other, but we were very lucky that at the vital points of the trip -- picking Thunder up from NHA, stopping to rest/walk in Memphis, etc. -- the rain let up enough for us to do what we needed to do. I consider it someone up above taking good care of all of us...

I can't express my thanks enough to Rex and Kerry for their support during this whole crazy thing. Thanks to them, we have plenty of pictures of the adoption day, Jan. 13, which will now be Thunder's official birthday in our house.

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon. The first blood was drawn. Thunder thinks the cats are pretty cool and would realllllly like to get close and check them out. C.J. is hiding right now so that doesn't happen to her, and Augie let him know that she's not cool with that quite yet either by leaving a claw in his forehead. I hope the novelty of the little kitties will wear off soon.

After eating lunch at the Salt Lick for our annual "Huggins-Bailey-Fowler-Saucedo After-Christmas Birthday Celebration" today, I headed out to Stay 'N Play to pick up the boys. Then Cole and Thunder met us in the park. Again, the rain let up long enough for us to spend all that time outside together. I was pleasantly surprised at their first meeting!!! I'm not saying they were acting like long-lost friends, but we sniffed and walked and sniffed and walked and they all did really great. Thunder has been around other dogs and it shows. As I type, T.J. is curled up in bed, Bugsy is sitting beside me on the couch, and Thunder is laying in the floor near Cole, chewing on a bone.

So, when is this dog gonna get some sleep??? hehe

Check out his pictures, more to come soon.

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