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Sunday, December 17, 2006

If Santa Were a Rich Man...

Cole was telling me earlier this week about a blog he was reading with a Christmas list which included items that only a rich Santa could fulfill, and it made me start thinking about what my wish list would be if money were no object. Here's the top five that I came up with...
  1. The new Land Rover LR3 in Buckingham Blue.
  2. About 50 acres of land with a small weekend home so we could adopt animals and they'd have room to run and play.
  3. A nose job. My nose is the first thing I see when I look in the mirror, and I'd like it to be smaller. I say that, but I'd actually never do it, for two reasons: First, I can't handle the thought of the pain and blood and bruising. But also, I've recently realized that my nose is Mom's nose, too. I have my Daddy's shoulders, eyes, dimples and large hands. And I have my mother's nose.
  4. A closet full of Jimmy Choo shoes. Even just a pair for every day of the week would be nice!
  5. A state-of-art, stainless steel chef's kitchen. Oh, and a personal chef!
Why not?!?!



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