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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Bathroom Scale is Your Friend

This news made me very happy today, since this is something I do every day: Stepping on the scale is GOOD for weight loss. Many people say not to weigh yourself daily, that you'll simply drive yourself crazy, focusing too much on the numbers. With my OCD, I've always done it.

But this study says that taking notice of the numbers each day will give you focus. If you wake up one morning two pounds heavier than you'd like, you can adjust your diet, water intake and exercise for a couple of days and take care of it. But by weighing each day, you know.

"'If you do this every day as part of your usual routine, you will notice any weight gain and be able to take early action, rather than getting a wake-up call after you've gained 5 [pounds] or 10 pounds,' said Dr. George L. Blackburn, S. Daniel Abraham associate professor of nutrition and associate director of nutrition at Harvard Medical School."

(Editor's note: Again, those are not my feet.)


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