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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pull My Trigger

I ran across this interesting story this evening while hanging out on the couch, watching TV with Cole. While all four of the "babies" are sleeping, scattered about on the floor around us, I'm convinced that I will not have lost any weight when I step on the scale tomorrow, so I'm surfing for inspiration...

The story, about a weight-loss trigger study, says there are basically six reasons that someone will decide it's time to lose weight:
  • Medical reasons
  • Event to get ready for
  • Vanity
  • "Diet pusher"
  • Seeing someone else's success
  • Pure emotion
Is it okay that THREE of those are the reasons I'm working on getting rid of a few pounds??? Dr. Schneider told me to (surely his office will call tomorrow); I'm about to turn (gasp) 35 and I wanna get hotter by the year, not just older; and Mom's success. The article groups competition in with success, and it's certainly not competition with her that made me want to join Weight Watchers when I did. But when she started and made it look so easy and doable and livable, she was just the inspiration I needed...

The article also breaks down which of these triggers might lead to long-term loss and maintenance as opposed to others, and how to make short-term triggers (like a specific event to get ready for) simply the starting point, and not the end of the journey...

(Editor's note: Those are not my feet.)


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