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Monday, August 28, 2006

My new favorite snack

Have you seen the GIANT Cookies and Cream Bars from Weight Watchers (BlueBunny) in the grocery store? If you have... BUY THEM! Now that I've eaten one, I vaguely remember Mom mentioning them in the last week or so, but they will now be a staple on my grocery list. Like bananas, bottled water, and dog/cat food.

They taste like a huge no-no, but they're only two POINTS each. The ice cream in the center is so soft, and I swear it was coated in freshly crushed oreo-type cookies just minutes before I gobbled it down.

I haven't exactly been the best, most diet-conscious eater so far this week, but I'm still well within my POINTS for the week. I'm just running out of wiggle room fast.

Now really, run to the store and buy some for yourself!!!


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