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Monday, February 27, 2006

Feb. 27: Another Monday

Well, here we go again. After a weekend of company and eating out for every meal, it's time to get the calculator back out and get back on track.

Breakfast: 320 calories
malt-o-meal: 160
milk: 120
coffee: 40

Mid-morning snack: 100 calories
Right bites chocolate chip cookies: 100

Lunch: 360 calories
South Beach wraps: 220
chips: 140

Afternoon snack: 180 calories
cheese and saltines: 180

Dinner: 500 calories
Chicken fajitas

1460 for the day. And my pedometer says I've only walked 4526 steps so far today. That's no good. Well, the calorie count is decent; the steps taken is not.


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