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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Feb. 16: A little sore

Well, my mouth is a little sore this morning following my dentist appointment yesterday. So much so that it was hard to chew the nuts on top of my muffin this morning. Did I mention yesterday how odd it was to smell my own burning flesh???

Breakfast: 375 calories
JC banana nut muffin: 220
milk: 120
coffee: 35

Mid-morning snack: 200 calories
Kudos bar: 130
small banana: 70

Lunch: 290 calories
I had an open-faced egg sandwich. Two eggs, one piece of bread and one slice of cheese.

Mid-afternoon snack: 180 calories
Nutri-grain bar: 130
two marshmallows: 50

Pedometer update: I think I mentioned the other day that 10,000 steps were a mile. Boy, was I wrong!!! 2000 steps is a mile. I got the 10,000 steps because that is what fitness gurus want us to set as our goal each day as part of our activity. I'm coming up a little more than a mile short (about 2500 steps) of that each day since I've been wearing my pedometer.

Dinner: 160 calories
Malt-o-meal, with a touch of butter and splenda yummy: 160

Oh, and I had a couple of kisses right before dinner: 50 calories.

So, that's 1255 for the day. I'm very pleased with that number for the day. And, it's about 7:30 right now, my pedometer already says 7934. I'll call this a good day. But... tomorrow is the official weigh in at JC. That scale will be the true judge of how my week went when it comes to trying to get to my first goal of 155. (Just had to remind myself.)

My gums are still pretty sore this evening. But I'm glad I haven't had to resort to pain pills. I've had some tenderness, but nothing I would classify as "pain".


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