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Monday, February 13, 2006

Feb. 13: A new day

Well, after never once touching the calculator yesterday, and a Saturday evening that included Mexican food and margaritas, it's time to get back on track today. I think it's gonna be a good week!!!

Breakfast: 350 calories
JC blueberry muffin: 200
cup of milk: 120
coffee: 30

Mid-morning snack: 110 calories
Yogurt: 110

Lunch: 365 calories
JC turkey burger: 280
saltines: 60
slice of cheese: 45

Afternoon snack: 115 calories
Rice cakes: 90
Hershey's kiss: 25

Dinner: 350 calories
Salad: 100
South Beach Diet Caprese chicken: 250
(It actually smelled pretty bad, so I didn't eat it all.)

Dessert: 125 calories
Two chocolate-dipped strawberries

1415 for the day. I'm pleased with that. And honestly, at this point, I don't know how anybody really keeps it at 1200 calories a day. Is that even healthy???

Note to self: Drink less Diet Dr. Pepper and more water!!! I'm getting in a good amount of water each day, but I'm finding myself as addicted to Diet DP as I used to be to regular DP. As long as I make sure it's in addition to my water and not instead of my water, I should be good to go... or "golden" as Cole says.

And another positive note, those yummy evil cookies are finally gone from our house!!!


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