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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Feb. 7: This is tough

I wish someone could explain the science to me... how can I be up almost two pounds over the last couple of days??? 165.4 this morning. If a pound is roughly 3500 calories, and I KNOW I haven't had an extra 7000 calories over the last couple of days, how does that happen??? Is it not enough water??? Is it not enough fiber (if you know what I mean)???

But, today is a new day. I'm home working today. No Super Bowl. No evenings with friends. Just me and a calculator. Today is going to be fine.

Breakfast: 275 calories
Oatmeal: 130
Milk: 120
coffee: 25

Lunch: 897 calories (wow!!!)
Grilled cheese sandwich: 282
Tots: 365
And... tomorrow is my daddy's birthday, so I baked some fresh snickerdoodles today to send his way. Of course, I had to taste test along the way. So, if I'm sticking with trying to hit 1200 today, I get to have a supper worth about 28 calories... HA!!!

Afternoon snack: 150 calories
Banana: 80
Cripix mix: 70

Dinner: 330 calories
Tomato soup: 90
Crackers: 120
Cheese: 120

Total for the day? 1652. Okay, not my best day. That trip out at lunch and a quick stop at Sonic was a bad idea. Well, wait, ordering large tots instead of small was the bad idea. And have grilled cheese instead of grilled chicken wasn't my proudest moment of the day either.

I don't want to deprive myself of yummy things, but one of the lessons I want to learn is portion control. So, here's what I'm taking away from today: Plan before each meal. Decide what I'm having for lunch by 10, so that when noon comes around I'm not starving and grabbing the first yummy thing that I run across.

Tomorrow is my official weigh in with Jenny Craig. Their scale runs about a pound heavier than mine... we'll see.


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