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Monday, February 06, 2006

Feb. 6: The day after

165.0. That's up one full pound from yesterday, 1.6 from the day before. That's okay. Today is a new day. And following my first Sunday off from counting calories, being Super Bowl Sunday to boot, I can only go down (in a good way) from here.

Breakfast: 415 calories
coffee/splenda/creamer: 25 (I didn't drink my full cup this morning)
WW chocolate chip muffin: 190
Banana: 80
Cup of milk: 120

Lunch: 360 calories
South Beach ham/turkey wraps: 220
Small bag of Doritos: 140

Afternoon snack: 225 calories
Two Quaker rice cakes, one with a tbsp. of peanut butter

Dinner: 700 calories
Boca burger: 340
Some chips, a cookie, a marshmallow and a small cupcake.

I went to Kellie's this evening for our monthly scrapping get-together. Boy, do those little bites here and there add up. 1700 for the day... yikes!!!


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