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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Feb. 9: Feeling better

I was a little discouraged yesterday morning, maybe the batteries in our scale here at home need to be changed, but I'm feeling much more energized and focused today. I did weigh here this morning, but I'm really going to try to just focus on the "official" weigh in once a week at Jenny.

So, here starts the day...

Breakfast: 350 calories
JC blueberry muffin: 200
cup of 2 percent milk: 120
half a cup of coffee: 30

Mid-morning snack: 80 calories
Banana: 80

Lunch: 360 calories
JC beef chow mein: 230
crackers: 60
Two of Cole's pizza rolls: 70

Mid-afternoon snack: 350
A handful of chips and some leftover queso dip

Mid-afternoon snack, Part II: 300 calories
Okay, that's a guess. I just had my first-ever bites of Kevin's Cookies and it's all Cole's fault!!! They are the yummiest, warmest, sweetest, best, freshest cookies I've ever eaten. It's TWO miles for us tonight!!!

Dinner: 500 calories
Salad and stuffed chicken breast from Central Market. I also had one of those darn Kevin's cookies.

1940 for the day... NOT GOOD!!! See how fast it adds up??? And just 12 hours ago I was feeling so much better. We did go on an extra long walk this evening, so I know that helps a little. The more you move, the more you burn. The cookies just ruined me for the day... but, thankfully, tomorrow's is a new day.


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