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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Feb. 8: Weighing in

Well, another morning on the scale at 165.4. That means that today at my official Jenny Craig weigh in, I'll probably be around 166.4, which is just about where I was exactly two weeks ago... grrrr... this is hard, and frustrating!!!

We've been walking so much lately too, I can't imagine why the pounds aren't just starting to slowly melt away!!! I'm keeping it under 2000 calories a day, most days *well* under 2000 calories. Okay, so I'm not getting very close to the 1200 I am shooting for, but still... grrrr...

Oh, and, Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

Here we go...

Breakfast: 145 calories
coffee: 45
Two leftover snickerdoodles: 100

Mid-morning: 160 calories
Malt o Meal: 130
Butter: 30ish

Lunch: 325 calories
Jenny Craig turkey burger: 280
Slice of cheese: 45

And, at lunch, I went for my weekly weigh in at Jenny Craig. Shocked and pleased, I've lost a total of 9.0 pounds on their "official" scale. I was sure I'd be stuck again at 166, but I came in at 163.4. I'm going to try to use this to keep myself from weighing every day here and use the scale at Jenny as my official measurement. I was very shocked and very pleased. I really think this journaling is helping... a LOT!!!

Afternoon snack: 180 calories
Banana: 80
Keebler right bites: 100

Dinner: 600 calories (that's a guess)
I didn't really have dinner this evening, just snacks over at Java Judi's for technique night. I had a handful of chips, a Diet Dr. Pepper, a couple of cookies, a muffin top, and about three tablespoons of dip. Then a cup of 2 percent milk when I got home.

So, that's a total of 1410 for the day. Seeing Andi at JC today was a great boost. I thought I was stuck, and it looks like the scales are finally moving. I've feel re-energized to keep going.


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