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Friday, February 10, 2006

Feb. 10: Resistance

Somehow, I've resisted digging into the box of cookies this morning. I had several tastes of them yesterday, and if I can keep my calorie count at a decent level through the day, I'll treat myself with one for my bedtime snack tonight. We'll see how it goes.

Breakfast: 200 calories
Malt o Meal: 130
coffee: 45
butter: 25

Mid-morning snack: 80 calories
banana: 80

Lunch: 335 calories
JC rotini and pasta: 250
saltines: 60
Hershey's kiss: 25

Mid-afternoon snack: 200 calories
two rice cakes, one spread with peanut butter: 200

I also snuck in a cup of coffee this afternoon since it was cold. 45 calories.

Dinner: 460 calories
Ham/cheese sandwich: 310
small bag chips: 150

So, total for the day? 1320. I can definitely live with that. And somehow, I've stayed away from those evil cookies all day. And I don't plan on having one this evening at all. We're going out to dinner tomorrow evening with some friends, and I've already decided what I'm having then. It's better to decide beforehand rather than go for the yummiest thing on the menu in a moment of starvation, right???

My secret wish after this week is to lose that 3.4 pounds when I weigh in next Friday, to be at an even (official) 160.0. We'll see, but a girl can dream!!!

UPDATE: Cole made me eat one of those yummy evil cookies. Just for good measure, I'm taking my total up to 1550. Drats!!!


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