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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feb. 14: Chocolate hearts

None here. I haven't had a single one today, there aren't even any in our house!!!

But, something new from my valentine, that I had actually asked for ages ago... a pedometer!!! Now, I'll have two numbers at the end of the day: my total calories and my total steps walked. I think that 10,000 steps is about a mile, so we'll have to see how close I get at the end of the day...

Breakfast: 315 calories
Malt o meal (w/butter): 150
cup of milk: 120
coffee: 45

Lunch: 310 calories
JC Swedish meatballs and noodles: 250
saltines: 60

Okay, so I can see I'm not getting any fruits and veggies in today. I'll have to have a salad for dinner...

Mid-afternoon snack: 180 calories
Banana: 80
Right bites: 100

Okay, I was bad, I just had a handful of tortilla chips after starting a load of laundry. Add 140ish to my total.

Dinner: 620 calories (no salad here)
Chicken salad sandwich: 350
Small waffle fries: 270

Dessert: 90 calories
ice cream bar: 90
I couldn't resist.

1655. It happens that quickly. And I guess that's not horrible. But man, it adds up fast. And I didn't get any fruits and veggies in today to speak of. That lone banana has a lot of work to do on its own to make this body healthy today. That'll be my goal tomorrow. More fruits and veggies...
Oh, and using the new pedometer today... when I took it off at 9pm, I had walked 7143 steps. It'll be interesting to see how that compares to the days to come.


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