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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Feb. 15: Going to the dentist

I like our dentist a lot, she's really great. But just the thought of going is not very exciting. I'm also a little nervous about my visit later today... I'm having laser treatment on several spots of my gums. ewww!!!

I had breakfast a little earlier than usual this morning so that I could have a good snack before going to see Dr. Rayne at noon. Who knows when I'll want to eat again after my visit with her...

Breakfast: 270 calories
South Beach breakfast wrap: 160
coffee: 30
banana: 80

Mid-morning snack: 120 calories
Quaker graham snack bar: 120

Okay, went to the dentist at lunchtime, so I'm having some Malt-O-Meal for an afternoon snack/lunch at about 3pm... with a little spoon of butter and splenda. 160 calories.

When I finally got off of work around 5p, I took the boys for a walk, probably half a mile, then I walked for about another 1.5 miles around the neighborhood. I came home and got in the shower and had a "spell". That means that I started to shake and sweat for no reason when my blood sugar dropped, getting more light-headed and anxious as each moment passed. Cole was still at work, so I just kept telling myself, "don't pass out, don't pass out." I knew I just needed to get to the kitchen as fast as I could. I guess that's what happens when you only have 550 calories since the evening before. How do crash-dieters do it???

Anyway, a few saltines, some cheese, a couple of walnuts and 15 minutes later, I was feeling much better. We'll call that 250. Then I decided I needed some real dinner, so I headed out to Chipotle for a salad.

Dinner: 500 calories
salad: 450
a couple of Hershey's kisses: 50

That's 1300 for the day. I'm very pleased with that. Oh, all except for the almost-passing-out part. And, 7753 steps when I took the pedometer off to be lazy on the couch for the rest of the night.


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