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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Feb. 23: Back on track

Well, after three days in Nashville that included bbq, donuts and a burger, I'm back at home today, on track and keeping track.

Breakfast: 320 calories
malt-o-meal: 160
milk: 120
coffee: 40

Mid-morning snack: 160 calories
JC strawberry bar: 160

Lunch: 300 calories
Soft pretzel from Target: 300

Mid-afternoon snack: 200 calories
Two rice cakes: 90
Peanut butter: 110

Dinner: 360 calories
JC beef sirloin bowl: 260
saltines: 100

Dessert: 150 calories
JC Cookies and cream cheesecake: 150

Total for the day: 1490. And so far I've walked 8320 steps today, and it's only 8pm.


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