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Friday, February 17, 2006

Feb. 17: A day to weigh

Well, according to our scale this morning, I've had a little dip in my weight this week. But I'm withholding my excitement until I go to JC and do my official weigh in with Andi... we'll see!!!

Breakfast: 350 calories
WW chocolate chip muffin: 190
cup of milk: 120
coffee: 40

Mid-morning snack: 180 calories
cheese: 120
saltines: 60

Lunch: 350 calories
chicken salad sandwich: 350

Well, I am another official pound down, for a total of 10 since I started counting again. That puts me at 162.4 if you're playing along at home too. I'll way in again next Friday at JC, after four days traveling to Nashville. That'll be tough, but I have a plan. I'm taking JC breakfast bars and snack bars with me, and I hope to just be strong and good when I'm eating lunch and dinner out.

Okay, so I quit counting this evening when Cole and I went to have dinner with Mom and Dannie. And I having a feeling I'm not going to be very good about counting while I'm in Nashville


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