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Monday, February 20, 2006

Feb. 20: Nashvegas

Well, I got to Nashville last night around 8:40, 15 minutes earlier than the flight was scheduled to arrive because of a tailwind. Nice. It was a smooth and easy flight, even though we were looking at a little weather advisory as we landed in Nashville where it was 22 degrees.... burrrrr!!!

I was nervous before getting on the plane after the girl at the counter said we were under the weather advisory and the flight could be "delayed, canceled or diverted." But I called Cole and like the wonderful, sweet husband that he is, he got online and checked the weather and calmed my nerves. He was right... nothing to worry about.

I'm trying to be good while here in town as far as my eating goes. I did well at lunch with grilled chicken, baked sweet potato and green beans at Tin Angel, but Shannon brought cupcakes into the office today, and I had to have one. Not eating one would have been rude!!!

I was bad and had a burger and fries for dinner, with a diet coke to balance it all out. But all in all, it wasn't an awful day. I'm in for the evening, so at least there won't be any temptation with cookies or cake or anything fun.

We'll see how it goes tomorrow!!!


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