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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Remember me? I know, you've heard *that* before...

So, I guess it's been about five months. I was being good, counting calories, Cole and I challenged ourselves to lose 10 pounds each so that we could shop for a boat. Well, we didn't lose the weight, shopped for and bought a boat, and I started feeling the need to be careful with my weight again after seeing myself in a bathing suit... yikes!

So, a little more than five weeks ago I started Weight Watchers. And at my weigh in last Friday evening, I had lost eight pounds. Yay for me!!! I'd love to see two more pounds to make it an even 10 this week, but a loss is a loss. And I'm happy with a slow-and-steady win for this race.

Why Weight Watchers this time when I had so much luck with Jenny Craig in the past??? Easy: My mom. She started WW with some friends at work and hit the ground running. She explained the program, how easy it was to follow, and lost 4.6 her first week!!! Just the inspiration I needed... And my friend Kellie has had great luck with the program too. Plus, I couldn't handle the thought of more JC food. Sure, there were some good things on their menu (i.e., their chocolate cake), but sitting down to a few of their entrees, yet again, was just more than I could stomach.

So here I am, still 30 pounds lighter than my heaviest weight ever (188), and ready to set a goal for myself that I know I can and will stick to.

On tonight's menu, skillet-seared pork chops, fuji apple slices, and fresh parmesan cheese slices.

So why start blogging again??? I'm doing what I can to keep myself accountable in as many ways possible: my daily POINTS calculations; Cole knowing what's in the house and what I'm eating; and keeping track of my progress, slips and challenges here...

Plus, I have this crazy notion that one day I could become a WW Leader... have I lost my mind with these first eight pounds???


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