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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Feb. 28: February's over

How can it be the end of the month already??? And March is going to be a doozy too... NYC, Houston, SXSW, two-day visit to Dell... goodness!!!

Breakfast: 220 calories
WW chocolate chip muffin: 190
coffee: 30

Mid-morning snack: 170 calories
JC honey oat bar: 170

Lunch: 360 calories
WW scallopini dinner: 260
saltines: 100

Afternoon snack: 190 calories
rice cakes: 90
small ice cream bar: 100

Dinner: 500 calories
That's a guess. I had dinner at Kellie's. A chicken alfredo Lean Cuisine meal and fresh-baked bread.

Bed-time snack: 130 calories
Quaker snack bites. I was starving when I got home!

1570 total for the day. Not great, but not horrible either. And 5319 steps for the day. Cole and I haven't been walking nearly as much the last week or so. He's been busy with work and I've been to Nashville and out scrapbooking. We'll have to remedy that.


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