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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Chocolate: The breakfast of champions

Well, a little down on the scale today. 165.2 (-1.6) is a great start to my 10 pounds. I wonder how Cole is doing one day in.......

Breakfast: 330 calories
chocolate chip muffin: 190
yogurt: 110
coffee w/splenda: 30

Lunch: 400 (estimate)
sandwich and rice cakes

Mid-afternoon snack: 200 calories
snack bag (Right Bites I think)

After-walk snack: 150 calories
saltines and a piece of cheese

Dinner: 400 calories
cereal and milk

Okay, total calories of about 1480 for the day. It's 8:15 and the pedometer says I've taken 6950 steps today. I can deal with that...


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