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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Getting there

Well, Friday evening I weighed in at my regular time and at my regular place. 1.2 pounds down from the week before; 12.2 pounds total lost since starting with WW. I can't believe how simple the program is if I just follow it. I haven't counted a single point this weekend. I feel like we haven't even been home or anywhere with a pen for me to count and journal points. But I feel like I've done half-way okay on my own, with lots of walking to boot.

Yesterday we went to the lake to ski and dragged Cole's folks along with us. I tried several times to ski... and even succeeded once. I'm sure that burned off the snickerdoodles I had with lunch.

And today we went out to the Austin City Limits Festival to see our friend Robyn Ludwick on the BMI stage. She had an incredible show, and I'm sure we probably walked well more than a mile total. When we first got there, we caught Peter Dawson on stage. He had a great voice. Country. Young. Cute. I need to look him up and see what his story is. Mom and I also cornered Doug Moreland for a picture in the rain. Super nice guy.

After Cole and I couldn't take the mud and heat and steam and crowded stinky hippies any longer, we went to Hut's for a very late lunch. Mom is a trooper and stayed out there until who knows when. I had never eaten at Hut's before; Cole had eaten there several times during college. It's one of those dive burger joints that has quite an Austin history and is a must for any Austinite to mark off of their to-do-in-Austin list. I had a veggie burger on a wheat bun, so I don't feel like I did too bad at lunch. (We won't talk about the fries and onion rings.) Then I had a grilled cheese for dinner. Tomorrow, back to counting, drinking tons of water and being careful of my portions.

Oh, and tomorrow I'm calling Dr. Schneider.



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