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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Home Sweet Home

We got back from Vegas Monday afternoon. We had a blast, the wedding was very nice, and we're very glad to be home.

See pics here. I'll also share a link to Cole's pics whenever he gets those posted. His are always a bit different than mine, even though we take them in almost the exact same spot.

From what I can tell, I gained about two pounds in Vegas... darn it!!! I won't know officially until tomorrow evening at my regular weigh in though. Two pounds is not too horrible. And my guess is that it's probably water weight as much as anything. We did a good bit of walking, and I tried to make good choices while we were there. It's just hard to be a perfect dieter on vacation. Have you seen the buffets in Vegas?!?! Luckily, we only ate at one of those...


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