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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Go T.J., It's Your Birthday!

T.J. turned 10 today. I know, the gray in his face makes him look 45, but not quite.

We celebrated the day by sleeping in. Then Cole and I took both of the boys to PetsMart for T.J.'s birthday shopping trip. He was more into the food and treats, and tried to pick out one of those gravy-basted bones that weighs 30 pounds. Instead of the giant bone, we got him a new birthday bear, kinda like the one that Bugsy picked out for his birthday. As you can see, it's yellow!!! And Bugsy is on the other end of that little game of tug-o-war pictured here, trying to steal T.J.'s new birthday bear...

T.J. also tried to eat the finger of a girl who worked there. She walked up outta nowhere and bent down to touch him. If you know T.J., you understand that slow and quiet is the way to his heart, no surprises. She startled him, and he startled her enough that she squealed and ran away. No blood, no lawyers.

We then spent the afternoon watching the race and the Cowboys game. Cole gave his two cents about the game, of course. I wanted to go to the Empty Bowl Project, but it just didn't happen today. This year is the first year that I've missed going in four or five years now. But I did get a couple of gifts made today: A hand-stamped set of coasters as a thank-you gift, and a set of hand-stamped personalized stationary. Both ROCK!!! hehe


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