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Sunday, November 12, 2006

"More Bacon Than the Pan Can Handle"

That line will crack me up from here on out!!! Cole provided a great recap of the weekend when my coworker friend Megan came to Texas for her first-ever visit. We had a blast while she was here, doing many Austin-y things... But the main reason for her visit was seeing the Barenaked Ladies in concert at The Backyard. I've always liked them, but I can now label myself as a fan. They put on a heckuva show!!! They seem to really like Austin... and who could blame them?!?! We froze our little butts off during the show, but it was well worth the cold. Gloves are nice.

Some guy named Mike Doughty opened for BNL and he was really good, too. He had a great sense of humor and the crowd really liked him. I can only imagine that an opening act has a hard time courting the audience when they came to see someone else. He did this fun little synthesized, sound-bit song that started out with "more bacon than the pan can handle" and talked about cake. It was really fun and funny!!! I have an email into him to try to find a download of it... I'll let you know what I learn. And every time I sing that line in my head, I can't help but think of the girls who wear their jeans waaaay too tight and their tees way too short, and there's more skin hanging over and out than should be... too much bacon. HA!!!

See weekend pictures of ducks, bridges, peacocks, lakes and taco shops here.

I'm sure I'll have more to say tomorrow, but for now, I'm tired and heading to bed... nighty-night!!!


  • Summer,
    The opener is indeed named Mike Doughty. You may remember him from Soul Coughing way back. Anyway, I have songs from the show he did in Boston on the BNL tour with that Sample Jam, if you're interested, or I can point you to places to download it online. Doughty is very open to file sharing, consequently his stuff is pretty easy to find.

    I found your blog froma random Google search, by the way. Glad you enjoyed the show.

    By Blogger Lou, at December 21, 2006 9:13 AM  

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