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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our Saturday

We spent more time running around yesterday that we had originally planned. Cole's folks came into town, so we grabbed some lunch at the Galaxy Cafe, visited at the house for a bit, then decided to head up north to More Space Place. (I've decided we should add a Murphy bed and built-in desk/crafting area to our space bedroom. I'm still trying to talk Cole into it.) We ended the day with a fabulous dinner at Fleming's Steakhouse. Our waiter, Trent, was the same we had last year for our anniversary dinner there, and he is wonderful all the way around. But, back to the shopping part...

After we left More Space Place up on Anderson at the intersection of Burnet, we decided to run into this cute little hardware/housewares/gift store in the same shopping center. Zinger's. They have nails and pet supplies and dishes and wine racks -- one of those kind of places. Please. Don't shop there. Don't give them your money. Go to one of the two Breed and Co. locations in town instead.

I've never been so uncomfortable in a store in my whole life. They followed us around. Two of the folks who work there followed our every move. And they weren't sly about it at all. The one tall guy with the beard and mustache stayed within about 10 feet of us from the time he spotted us. We were talking about how cute some of the things for the dogs were; noticed a brand of cleaning supplies we've been wanting to try. But this guy could probably tell the time on MY watch he was so on top of us.

Cole and I finally got tired of it and headed to the front of the store, just to have an older lady do the same thing in the front half of the store. We waited for Dee Dee to catch up with us and headed out to wait for Randy. As we were getting in the truck, one of the employees came out the door to look at us. I couldn't believe it...

I love supporting small local businesses. I work for a small business, and I'd rather do all of my business with little shops like this one when I can. But Zinger's is off of my list. I have no idea what we did. Or maybe, this is just they way they like to make their customers feel all fuzzy inside.

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