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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Snackin'

There are no real meals on Super Bowl Sunday, right??? It's all about drinks and snacks and just kinda eating a little bit all day long...

Cole provided a link to our first snack of the game, "Chocolate Caramel Crispy Cakes," so here's a picture of how they turned out. Note: I went to two different stores trying to find mini FOIL baking cups. With no luck on the foil, I just used paper. They worked, but the yummy little bites are sticking to the paper just a little. But we could all use a little extra fiber...

With a minute to go in the first quarter, the commercials have been yawns so far. But I did love Oprah calling David Letterman "honey."

Update: Snack #2: Pizza twists and a little ranch and marinara for dipping. This recipe actually came from Rachael Ray's TV show the other day. I'm not a huge fan of her show, it's OK, but I had it on for background noise the other day when she made these. If I ever make them again, they'll have more pepperoni and be thinner.

Snack #3: Chocolate and cream cheese swirl brownies. I could sit down with the whole pan and a tall glass of milk and eat them until I puke. I'm trying to refrain from doing so...

Still no commercials that have blown me away. The Budweiser/hitchhiker one was pretty cute though. And if you live anywhere in Central Texas, you probably saw an HEB spot starring Emmitt Smith. He's such a cutie, and seems like a genuinely nice guy... Makes me wanna go to HEB and dance in the aisles.

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