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Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm Excited

About getting on the scale in the morning. Does this mean I've lost my mind?!?!

I'm going to bank a loss this week. A good one. I can feel it. Not 3 pounds or anything crazy, but something more than than the .2 or .6 that I've been seeing lately. It's been a good week, and tomorrow morning at about 9, I'll know exactly how good. I'm also getting a haircut this afternoon. I wonder how much hair weighs...

My day...

Breakfast: Smart Ones muffin: 4 points

Mid-morning snack: banana: 2 points

Lunch: quesadilla: 7 points
chips and salsa: 2 points

Dinner: lettuce wrap: 3 points
black beans: 2 points
rice: 3 points
chips and salsa: 3 points

TOTAL: 26 points. Yikes.

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