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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Moving Past a Plateau

How many times have I said it??? I need to move more. I need to get some serious exercise. I need get my body sweating and working.

I weighed this morning. Down 0.2. These have been the slowest three weeks of weight loss ever. Don't get me wrong, maintaining -- and even dropping two-tenths of a pound -- is great. But I can do better. I can do more. And I really think it's all in the activity for me right now, or the lack there of. Walking dogs is only taking me so far. Time to amp it up!!!

So, that's my plans for the coming weeks. And in my new motivated mood, this morning I registered Cole and myself for the 2007 Arts Run 5k on Sept. 8. I don't expect to be running the 5k at this point, unless something wild and crazy happens in the next few weeks and I start (gulp) jogging, but I at least plan to walk the heck out of it.

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