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Friday, February 06, 2009

Day Two

For two days, I've been counting calories. And so far, I love it!

I've never counted calories before. I've eaten what certain programs told me to eat, and I've counted points. But never calories.

My iPhone is helping. I'm using an app called Lose It! that we heard about from a friend on Twitter. And can I just say this: The psychology of the numbers is amazing to me. My mind is doing much better midday when I realize I can eat 800 more calories instead of just 6 more points. For some reason, just the difference in those numbers has let me relax my brain. For the last two days, I haven't been obsessing, worrying or guilting myself about food. And I've lost two pounds!

(Note: I don't expect to lose a pound a day going forward; no one should. It just goes to show how badly I was eating before I started tracking again.)

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