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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back From NYC

Cole and I just returned (well, a week ago) from five days in New York City. Why, oh why, do I love cupcakes and pizza so much? The good news is, even though I had more pizza and cupcakes than a girl should have in an entire year, I lost half a pound because we walked so much while we were there.

I've lost track of my total weight loss the last two or three weeks. It's up, it's down, I'm not paying much attention. What I am trying to do is pay more attention to simply living healthy. And I hope these little things I do to challenge myself will start adding up.

Today's challenge: Walk the dogs. Again. The weather has been beautiful and fall may actually arrive soon. I don't think we ever got higher than 71 degrees today, so after lunch today, I snuck away from my computer and took all the dogs out again for another walk. They loved it and napped all afternoon, and I felt better about at least one of those NYC cupcakes.

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