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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Food Pantry Blog Project: Day 3

I've been thinking about so much today. Convenience, waste, budget, the definition of hunger. I can't quite focus my mind enough on each thought yet to put them into words, but I'll get there, I'm sure. So for now, just a recap of the day. Day 3:

For breakfast, I was going to have the Cheerios that came in my food pantry bag, but I already had a box of cereal open from last week, unrelated to this project. I didn't want to open another and risk both going bad, so the Cheerios are still unopened, unable to get stale. And I worked on finishing what was already started in my pantry. And so, with that thought over breakfast and worry about wasting cereal, my mind thought all day about waste. Not only what we waste in food as a country each day, but what we let go to waste right here in this house. I think it's time to start composting...

For lunch, well... We had been doing yardwork a good part of the day and then headed out to run errands. If you know me, you know my blood sugar can drop like a rock. And it did. I had planned on having leftover Hamburger Helper from Friday night, but instead we had to stop and get something into my system, and fast. A burger and fries it was. For the two of us, our lunch totaled 20 bucks and some change. Just a little less than I spent with my "supplemental" funds for this project. Again, my mind was churning over our grocery budget and how we had just spent -- in five minutes on one meal -- almost what I spent to supplement this project for a whole week...

For dinner, I got back on track with the project. With part of my supplemental $28, I splurged on a pork roast. It was the most expensive item I purchased at $7.45. My thinking was: Cook it in the slow cooker, eat on it for dinner and for a couple of lunches over the following days. I simply seared it in salt and pepper before putting it into the slow cooker and covering it with beef broth and Hell on the Red salsa. We paired it with our favorite roasted potatoes.

That's it for now. I'm off to see if there is a Composting for Dummies book.

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