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Monday, April 26, 2010

Food Pantry Blog Project: Day 4

Remember yesterday how I was thinking about (obsessing over) waste? Well, instead of just letting myself worry and fret, I took a first step. I signed up for a City of Austin composting class. I had no idea there was such a thing; I was just searching the City site for general composting information. Four days in, and this blogging project is leading me to action. I didn't know I would be called to look into becoming a worm farmer of sorts, but that's okay with me!

Here's how Day 4 looks:

For breakfast, more oatmeal. Breakfast is really where I'm feeling the lack of choice. I'm still not quite ready to open my Cheerios and risk them going stale. I'm going to wait until all the other cereal in the house is consumed first. So, oatmeal it was. Luckily, it's good for me!

For lunch, leftover Hamburger Helper from Friday night and a slice of plain, dry bread. We've eaten more sliced bread over the last four days than we have in ages. I'm almost looking at it as a "side" right now. I've used the loaf to make garlic bread this week, and Cole used a couple of slices with last night's dinner to build a pulled pork sandwich.

For dinner, more Hamburger Helper, with chips and salsa. I should have opened a canned vegetable for the side, but I'm hoping that the salsa and some Ocean Spray Light Fruit and Veggie Juice put a couple of servings into my system...

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