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Monday, August 06, 2007

Don't Judge a Burger by Its Wrapper

So, so sad: Foods Tastes Better With McDonald's Logo, Kids Say. Sorry, you'll have to skip the annoying "welcome" screen, also known as a big, fat ad.

Carrots. They even said that carrots -- when wrapped in the familiar bright red and yellow wrapper -- tasted better than those without.

yogurt smoothie: 1 point
toasted mini-bagel and honey: 3 points

Mid-morning snack: banana: 2 points

Lunch: Chicken pasta: 7 points
fresh tomato: 0 points

Afternoon snack: trail mix: 3 points

Dinner: fajita salad: 6 points
Blue Bunny Health Smart ice cream bar: 0 points

TOTAL: 22 points on the dot.

Steps: 6,036 at the time of publication. Not too bad for never having left the neighborhood today. (Update: 6,335 total.)

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