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Friday, June 13, 2008

Do Our Bodies Give Us Credit???

I had a beautiful breakfast this morning: vanilla yogurt with two fresh strawberries, a sliced banana and a sprinkle of organic granola. My body was treated to calcium, potassium, vitamins and natural sweetness. If I were still counting, I estimate it would have been about eight points.

But had I instead enjoyed a Dr Pepper and two Oreos, I would have only used about five points. So my mind started spinning: Do our bodies care more about the calories and points, or the quality of the food we're putting down our throats??? I don't know the specific scientific answer, but I like to think my body is getting more benefit from the healthier (although higher calorie) breakfast. Plus, I'm hoping the healthy breakfast will hold me through the morning where, after eating cookies and washing them down with a coke, I'd be hungry again in an hour...


Well, I made it through to lunch where we had grilled cheese sandwiches, sliced apples and a small bag of chips. Then for dinner, we met Mom and Dannie for Mexican food, and before we ever got to the restaurant, I looked at the menu and decided on my dinner: grilled chicken salad and a cup of soup.

I don't feel like I did half bad for a day of not counting anything...

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