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Monday, June 16, 2008

Vegas Challenge, SWAK

Cole and I are going to Las Vegas in a few weeks. We're both excited and agreed it would be a good time to challenge ourselves (and each other) to get a few pounds off. So I weighed this morning, wrote the date and the weight on a little piece of paper, and sealed it in an envelope. Cole is going to do the same. Then, on the Friday morning before we fly out, we'll open our envelopes to read our beginning weights and see who did the best!!!

We're still trying to decide on the prize, so if you have any fun Vegas (non-food related) ideas, I'd love to hear them!!!

So, here's to tracking and getting back on track...

Breakfast: yogurt with granola and sliced bananas

Mid-morning snack: 100-calorie chocolate bar

Lunch: grilled cheese sandwich
trail mix

Dinner: grilled stuffed pork chop
sliced apple
parmesan slices
slice of sourdough bread
snack cakes

Not great, but I started out strong.

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