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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Get It in Writing

Many thanks to Goaled Girl for the link to this morning's MSNBC article: Writing down every morsel doubles weight loss.

I totally agree that keeping track -- either with pen and paper or online -- is a great way to stay accountable. But I also agree with Goaled Girl: It can lead to obsession. At least it has for me in the past.

There have been times lately that I feel like the obsession is getting unhealthy. Like seeing a therapist before I fall head-first into an eating disorder would be a good idea. (I'm sure my mother's heart just skipped a beat as she read that.) It's hard. If you've ever struggled -- with 10 pounds or 100 pounds -- you know that. There are times I feel out of control, powerless, defeated.

I was keeping track here. Until I started thinking about it for what felt like 23 hours a day. So I just stopped everything. Stopped tracking, stopped blogging, stopped thinking, stopped losing. In fact gaining pounds back that I was so proud and happy to lose.

But on a positive note: I have my health. I'm still well under my highest weight. I know I have the tools and the knowledge to make it all work. My plan at this point is to get back from Vegas next week and get into some sort of activity routine and eat better. Maybe the treadmill can be my therapist...

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