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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Jenny Craig Update: Week 1

In the middle of what has been a crazy day (including an x-ray for a shoulder injury playing golf last night and getting my car towed to the dealership because it had absolutely no power at all), I weighed in at Jenny Craig to see how my first week had gone. A nice 3.4 pounds down!

I like the structure of Jenny Craig. I like that the routine and the planned menu allow me to let go of my tendency to obsess about what I'll be eating next. I know exactly what I'll be having for my next meal.

I know the weight-loss numbers after the first week or two are never as big and impressive as they are when first getting started with a program, but this 3.4 sure gives me some encouragement and motivation to have another great week!

(X-ray showed no problems with my shoulder bones. I'm waiting for a call to schedule an MRI to check for tissue damage. I hope to be back on the driving range very soon!)

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