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Saturday, April 14, 2007

"You Will Be a Great Philanthropist in Your Later Years"

I miss Cole.

I spent the day doing Cole-is-out-of-town things: haircut, lunch with Mom and Dannie, Costco, scrapbooking...

We had lunch at Pei Wei. Mom and I split the honey-seared chicken with brown rice. It was all very good and fresh. Dannie had a beautiful Asian chopped salad and a bowl of soup. My fortune cookie said I'd be quite a philanthropist one day. Makes me wanna give me now. Cole and I recently talked about making a monthly gift to a local animal shelter. Maybe today's fortune cookie means it's time for me to do just that.

I did great on points again today. My haircut is very cute. It was great to spend time today with Mom and Dannie after the last 48 hours, and I'm very glad Cole will be home tomorrow.

I miss him.

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