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Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm Weak

I broke. I wanted to make it all the way through the week. I wanted the official number Saturday morning to be a surprise. But I guess I didn't want it bad enough. Because this morning, I stepped on the scale. And it was not a pretty picture.

I blame it on the steak fajitas last night. Mind you, mine were wrapped in lettuce and there was no sour cream or guacamole or anything horrible. I think it's simply the weight of the steak sitting in my stomach like a ton of bricks. So, today I've been very strict with my points (as I should every day) and all but water-logging myself. We'll see how tomorrow morning goes.

Then I have to drive to Brownwood. That's enough to make me want to take up drinking, let alone eating like a crazed woman...

Breakfast: oatmeal: 3 points

Mid-morning snack: mini fig newtons: 2 points

Lunch: baked potato: 6 points
snack cakes: 1 point

Afternoon snack: peanut butter toast: 5 points

Dinner: quesadilla: 3 points
chips: 2 points

TOTAL: 22 points. Why can't I do that every day?!?!

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