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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Big. Fat. Donuts.

I should know better. No girl who struggles with her weight should even think about going to a place called "Gourdough's." Add a tagline like "Big. Fat. Donuts." and it shouldn't even be on my radar. But I went anyway this weekend. Twice.

As is very popular in Austin, Gourdough's is housed in a cute little airstream trailer. Its South Lamar location makes it the perfect place for an after-movie or late-night snack. And what a fun night the creators must have had when they got together to decide on the menu! "Naughty & Nice," "Blue Balls" (seen here) and "Margaritaville" all grace the menu.

I must say, the donuts are really good! They come out to the table at just the perfect temperature, absolutely piled high with great toppings. They do not skimp.

And they do not care about the size of my butt.

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