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Monday, April 23, 2007

Eating in Nashville

Well, I landed in Nashville last night just before 9 and went to the grocery store for snacks, water and fruit. The hotel where I'm staying has a little fridge and microwave, so I figured I'd do much better with points and calories if I planned and prepared rather than eating out for every meal and hitting the vending machine for snacks. Today, it's working. But after three days of traveling and living out of a hotel, I'll be happy just to maintain come Thursday's weigh in. I just don't want to have any sort of gain...

So... water, water, water and smart choices will get me through Wednesday night when I fly home. I find that I really want my scale here with me. Can't they come up with some sort of little fold-up scale for travel??? Someone probably has already. I find myself wanting to weigh to see how I did over the weekend, to see how I've done today. Even though I know what I ate, how much water I drank and how much Cole and I ran around and worked this weekend, I'd still for some reason like to see a digital read of it. Is that obsessive of me???

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