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Thursday, April 19, 2007


I'm not talking about grams of trans fat or the monounpolysaturated icky stuff. I'm talking about the three-letter word that many folks have no trouble throwing around.

I think I may look at this word a little differently than most/some people. When I was growing up, my beautiful mom was overweight, even medically obese. But I never thought of her as fat. She struggled with her weight, but never let it keep her from participating her my life or her own. Now that she's 175 pounds lighter, she's a new person in many ways... a little more opinionated, not afraid to stand out in a crowd, and much more interested in being and doing and learning. But, she is still the same incredible, smart woman at heart. No matter the package, that will never change.

So, why is it okay to call someone "fat," or is it??? Am I going to far in the politically correct direction by disliking the word, or should we use shocking words to spur change??? Not only when we talk to or about others, but when we look at our own reflection in the mirror...

OHHHHH, by they way, 4.8 pounds gone when I climbed up on the scale today. Go Summer, Go Summer... HA!!!

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