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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Saturday at Weight Watchers

As I mentally prepared to weigh this morning, I knew there wouldn't be a loss. I've been very lax about things the last two weeks, but I knew it was time to get serious and focus again. So for good measure, I removed my hat and said a quick prayer...

Not surprisingly, I was up... but only .2 pounds. I was expecting to be up well over a pound. So I'm very pleased considering how bad it could have been.

And I really think that Weight Watchers should have a "no kids allowed" meeting time at least once a week. I don't mind kids. I even like a couple that I know. But there was one little girl there this morning with her mom that I actually feel sorry for. Instead of spending the 30 minutes being creative and coloring quietly (the way Gran used to get us through "big church"), her mom strapped earphones to her head and popped in a DVD in her portable DVD player. She's four!!! (That's a guess.) It made me think that her DVD player's bag is probably as important to leaving the house as the mom's purse. I wonder if she props that DVD player up on the handles of the shopping cart for that little girl while they're in HEB...

Doesn't she need to learn to just sit quietly and daydream?!?! Doesn't she need to be creative and color out of the lines with a "portable" coloring book?!?!

We don't have kids. I hope that one day we will. But I also hope that I have the patience to just talk to them on the drive between here and a grandmother's house without distracting them with a DVD. I want to ask them questions about the fun colors in the produce section without having their heads down in a Game Boy. I want them to be able to lie in the grass in the backyard and see elephants and grasshoppers in the clouds without having a television blasting on the backporch.

Just let me say, if I'm ever driving on a cross-county trip with a couple of toddlers in the backseat, I'll probably be happy to let them watch a DVD or two to help pass the time. But we won't have one just to go to Target...

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