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Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Food Journal

Breakfast: Smart Ones muffin: 4 points

Mid-morning snack: South Beach cookies: 2 points

Lunch: Minestrone soup: 2 points
five saltines: 1 point
WW mini bar: 1 point

Afternoon snack: peanut butter and saltines: 5 points

Dinner: Who knows!!! Cole came home starving, and the chicken I wanted to grill this evening hadn't thawed yet. So we went to "Johnny C's" as it's called in our house. I had the wedge salad (SOOO yummy), lemon-rosemary grilled chicken with green beans, spinach and a bit of angel hair pasta. And a couple of pieces of bread. Damn that basket of fresh, steamy goodness...

I'm sure I'll be kicking myself come scale time tomorrow.

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