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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Land of Cream Cheese Danishes

(Photo: Somewhere between Austin and Nashville last night.)

Shame on the man who first concocted such a sweet treat for breakfast!!! But I'm happy to report: This morning at my hotel continental breakfast, I resisted. Oh, there were plenty of danishes ready for the taking, along with bagels as big as my head, sweet muffins and some toasted bread piled two inches high with cheese, eggs and bacon bubbling on the top. But I was strong.

Instead I opted for the Special K cereal, skim milk and yogurt. I also threw a banana in my purse to have as my usual mid-morning snack. It was a proud moment.

Lunch: Laura, Rex and I had lunch today at Noshville. I feel like I may be getting this eating-while-traveling thing down. I had a club sandwich with no mayo (ick!) or cheese and was only able to eat half of it, and a side of fresh fruit instead of fries. Mind you, they brought the giant basket of fries out anyway and sat them right beside my grapes and pineapple and melon, but I did not touch a single one. Rex and Laura are witness to my strength. I also had some iced tea with Splenda. There were some beautiful black and white cookies staring at us from the counter, and the thought of bringing one back to the office to have as my afternoon snack crossed my mind -- more than once -- but I packed snacks yesterday before I left the house so that such urges didn't take my brain over. I have Kashi bars, Kudos bars and 100-calorie Gold Fish packs. A single bite of the b/w cookie probably has that many calories.

Afternoon snack: There's a cafe in the bottom floor of our building, and I hadn't had a drop of coffee all day. Our kitchen has a coffee pot, but I'm fairly snooty and froofy when it comes to coffee. So when Megan told me the cafe closes at 3 p.m. and they serve only Starbucks coffee, I thought I'd better head down there for my fix. I had a cafe latte with skim milk. And I only drank about half of it. I can't handle coffee when it starts to get cold the least little bit.

I also had a Kashi granola bar. You know the one.

4:42 p.m. Two pieces of hard butterscotch candy.

Dinner: By the time I got out of the office and drove across town, I was ready to just grab some food and take it back to my hotel room. I did not want a burger and fries -- though that would have been so easy. Instead, I ran into Darfon's on Elm Hill Pike and ordered some spinach lasagna and a house salad with cucumber and tomato. I ate almost all the salad (balsamic vinaigrette on the side) and about half of the lasagna. I also ate a piece of sourdough bread that they included in my bag. Stinkers.

Overall, I'm pleased with how the day went...

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