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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Do You Know Your Waist-to-Hip Ratio???

No??? Then get out the tape measure, take 90 seconds and find out.

If you hate looking at the number on the scale -- and many people do -- there are other ways to track your weight loss and keep an eye on your risk for many diseases included heart disease. And finding out your WHR is one of them. BMI is so yesterday... hehe

Do this: Take a measurement of your waist at the smallest part. If you don't have a defined waist, take this measurement right around your bellybutton. Then measure at the widest point of your hips. Divide the waist number by the hips number, and there is your WHR. No cheating.

Joy Bauer, a nutritionist and diet editor from the Today Show, did a segment Friday that said new research from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas shows that "adding several inches to the waist -- even if body weight still falls within a normal range -- markedly increases the risk of unhealthy plaque buildup in the arteries of the heart and the rest of the body."

So, your weight can be in the "healthy" range according to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or WebMD, but if your WHR is higher than 0.9 for men or 0.8 for women, it might be time to add an extra mile to your daily walk. I'm surprised and happy to say that mine is 0.76, but I'm still taking my bike in for a tuneup tomorrow...



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